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Genre: Feature Film - Drama

Director: Renis Hyka

Screenplay: Renis Hyka

Photography: Shpetim Baca

Editor: Ivi Zhulla

Music: Ilir Brahimaj

Cast: Romir Zalla Rovena Lule

An unknown family arrives unexpectedly and unannounced at the home of the Likan family. They have a valid permit from the municipality to stay "for a short time and in the smallest room." But this strange occurrence begins to worry the head of the family, Karl Likan, as time passes and the visitors not only don't leave but start to spread throughout the house. The worry is further compounded by rumors he hears about a possible danger.

Year Released: 2024
Length 18 minutes
Produced by: Bunker Film+ 

Producer: Eno Milkani

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