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At the height of the Cold War, Vera,27, works at the Public television in the censorship department. Her daily task consists of watching foreign feature films before movies are screened to the public, edit and cut all erotic scenes, and even alter the end of the films if necessary. But when Vera tries to emulate the sexual fantasies she’s censoring, her husband starts to believe she’s having an affair. In a dictatorship, where discussing SEX is considered taboo, Vera falls into jeopardy from powerful people who misinterpret her desire of freedom.

Written and to be Directed by Eno Milkani

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A local episode, on a peripheral locality, a conversation cleverly moderated by an unidentified interviewer interviewing a disturbed character who writhes between the fear from the punishment and the urge of a confession for something gone wrong.



Written and to be Directed by Gentian Gjikopulli

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