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Genre: Feature Film - Drama

Director: Atina Laco

Screenplay: Ylljet Alicka

Photography: Adi Grishaj

Editor: Herta Basha

Music: Jon Alicka

Cast: Genti Kame, Xhevair Zeneli, Naum Shundi

After the initial enthusiasm for freedom, the fall of communism in the former communist countries, there was followed from a loss of values and a strong spiritual disorientation. In this reality the course after money and rapid profit has touched almost every aspect of everyday life, including "the capacity of freezing corpses in the morgue at the public hospital", where the person in charge, in other words the Professional of the mortuary, conditioned the tip of the people, relative to the corpse, with the cooling capacity of the morgue's refrigerator, where corpses would be "hosted" for a certain period of time ...

Year Released: 2021
Length 15 minutes
Produced by: Bunker Film

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