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Balkan Film Food Festival

All artists from the Balkans are eligible for participating to the Festival. Feature films, documentary, short and student films are the main material of the Festival. Morning screenings in the cinema mostly present short films, and afternoon screenings are dedicated to documentaries. Evening screenings are dedicated to long features where around eight countries bring their latest film productions. Artists are encouraged to submit film productions that strongly relate and reflect the Balkan nature, language, philosophy, habits and customs, as this is related to the main goal of the festival: Exchanging our culture and knowing better each other is the only way of good neighbourhood relations. In addition this Festival creates opportunities for artists and filmmakers from the region to create partnerships and networking for future joint project and artistic productions, to better present the Balkan culture as a whole, with all its diversity and uniqueness. The applications for movie participation to the Balkan Film & Food Festival are submitted through For more information check our Facebook Page or write to us to the email address:

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